What You Need To Know All About Mobile Learning

Ever completed a course session during your morning walk? Just plug in those ear-phones and match your pace with that of the lesson. Let us tell you why this is such a great idea. Exercise releases endorphins that stimulate “feel good” emotions and triggers creativity in the brain. What does peaks in creativity during (and post) exercise have anything to do with effective mobile learning? Just one: advance constructive interchange.

You have this neat stack of knowledge in the deeper recesses of your mind. Lines of text or notes of audio entice those neat stacks to reshuffle and make room for more. How? You may wonder. Simple. Constructivism is at its best during your exercise. But how would you carry your learning while you walk/run/jog, in your latest smartphone or the coveted hand-held you purchased at a Black Friday? Is it really possible? A chunk of your time spared for your daily grind at the running belt multi-tasked with your daily mind exercise?

M-Learning and mobile learning management is all about learning on the run (running on the learning curve?) in this and many other mundane situations that make life so beautiful. So what has mobile learning solutions actually achieved for the digitally advanced consumer? Hiked up the time slot for learning activities from the usual post-dinner to during-my-early-in-the-day-activity. This preferred activity could be catching the train to work (or back), browsing the internet on the phone during the lunch break, waiting for the dentist after work or standing at a long line at the DMV. Now that’s an achievement.


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